The cry of artists all over the world rings of funding and what could be achieved with a little investment. Money would without doubt assist in expanding the arts network, giving practitioners opportunity to pursue projects with security and full time commitment.

However, in the UK we already have an infrastructure for securing funds. It may not be flawless but it is better than some countries where artists either have backing from a commercial funder or simply dance for the love of dancing.

One of the flaws of introducing money to the arts world is that it breeds greedy competition. Artists no longer become supportive of a developing arts community but would rather control the scene so that they can keep themselves financially secure rather than allow their 'beloved' art form to grow.

With this follows the infamous 'it's not what you know but who you know' culture where if you aren't willing to put your tongue in certain orifices of higher powers you won't be given the backing required to develop as an artist. Or alternatively, those less deserving are opened to opportunities that could make or break a highly skilled yet less socially adept individual.

This is happening right now. In Scotland my eyes have only recently been opened to the depths of it all and it has shaken my vision of one day having an open and supportive dance community who celebrate dance with money being an added bonus. I have contemplated moving on to another scene but do not doubt that it is the same everywhere; corruption is after all not restricted to the dance world but is a human construct.

Dancers being invited to recalls when they couldn't be bothered attending the initial audition; dancers keeping jobs hush hush because the work is paid and they don't want to risk not getting it; dancers bad mouthing their peers to secure themselves work; dancers trying to have their finger in every pie so that if one project falls through number one isn't in too much of a hole..... It's disgusting. Whatever happened to a passion for the art form and a love of what you do? The answer 'money'.