Apologies once again for the lack of contact but August has been a whirlwind. Not only does Edinburgh erupt with every form of art and some forms less arty but I have also had the joy of sporting two cracked ribs, visiting the Impulstanz festival, performing with two wonderful projects and entering a bboy competition (YES, I believe I may be going insane but it was an epic moment in my life).

IMPULSTANZ is a must visit and when in Vienna I had the joy of meeting many people from all over the world who had turned our for the festival. Literally from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, Uganda, Mexico, Turkey, France, Hungary.... the list goes on). It offers too many opportunities to discuss, please check their website, and last year truly changed my life.

It cost me very little to get there, live there and dance there (considering what I got out of it all) however what is most concerning is that I was the only Scottish bred dancer who is still fully based in Scotland to be there. Aside from the wonderful Norman Douglas and Penny Chivas Scotland was long forgotten and there were few and far between English, Irish or Welsh reps either.

This is very worrying in my mind. I don't believe we should move directly along the same artistic route as Europe or the rest of the world but surely to feed ourselves we must develop on a parallel with them? Why are more artist not leaving there bubble to fuel themselves?

Just a thought.

Speaking of fuel, I will be visiting the cracking Dance City in Newcastle next week to begin work on a new project. I am extremely excited as for once I a wiling to admit this may be a year in the researching and that there is no rush to complete the work, only an urgency to ensure we don't miss anything during the development of the piece.

As such I would like to ask what you see when you dance? Literally, spiritually and in any other form. Answers on a postcard..... or just private message Black Swan Dance Theatre on facebook (under products and services). Many Thanks!