What an amazing couple of weeks (and it's not over yet!). I just can't beleive how different two projects can be.

Lasy week I was dancing in residency with Abby Warrilow at Dancebase and entered a week of body ache as we were taught complex repertoire and ran it until we dropped! It is so rare that anyone does this anymore it was really refreshing to have choreography put upon my body and be driven to perfect it, it takes me back to being at college where you spend the whole day sweating until you're soaked through and you somehow keep going.

This week I've been working with the amazing creative mind of Alex Rigg in sculpted costumes that will become part of 'The Tide Machine' which cannot be described by words in this mere paragraph but is fascinating.

All in all this is where I want to be. As much as a large scale company can offer security and sounds great I love to dart between projects and taste everything there is out there.

Keep it coming, that's what I say.(Please!!)

(Apologies for the shortness, in the country and connections are limited to say the least.)