Having already struggled to get time to prepare all of the many things involved in running a touring work in the Autumn I was heartbroken today to hear that one of my dancers may not be able to participate in the piece because her paid work commitments clash with the rehearsal days.

I don't resent the dancer at all, I love her to bits! I am just infuriated that being unable to secure funding causes so many extra stresses. I am not reluctant to work hard, I actually thrive on the stress a little but I don't know how many contingencies I am going to have to make to prepare myself for this Autumn. I am even more furious that it actually crossed my mind that it's just not worth the effort.

What on earth are you meant to do? Either let your creativity sit in waiting until you are funded or crack on and produce things with the risk that your company may have to walk out on you at any moment because of money?

Just another sad and stressful day in the world of being unfunded.