It's a horrible feeling when you have the facility to write something and you know exactly how you feel but have no idea of how to vocalise it. This is my exact response to the closing performance of the dance festival I just coordinated 'Foundations at The Forest 2009'.

The stress of running an event is overwhelming, although my tagline for the past fortnight has been 'I'm not stressed' followed by 'I don't need to stay calm, I am calm'! Irrespective of the informal setting of last nights performance this stress showed no sign of relief as the moment of truth grew nearer and I realised that I did not know what any of the artists were going to produce or if an audience were going to arrive at all.

However, my faith was restored as we had a full house and there was no weak link in any of the work. Some truly original and refreshing snippets of pieces were presented with no work alike to the next. The audience were receptive and positive with an eagerness to discuss the lack of provision for dancers but mass of talent around after the show.

Inspite of the bad jokes I made as i nervously hosted the event, the message came home loud and clear that Scottish artists want a large communicative dance community and there is a call for it out there. Hats off to everyone who attended as if they are a reflection of the energy that surrounds the next generation of Scottish dance artists I can't wait to see what is going to happen over the next few years. I am truly astounded and reenergised by the entire event.