Today I woke up full of promise with a to do list as long as my arm and every will in the world of acheiving these things. Off to work I strolled and upon my return I have no desire to do anything. I don't even remember half of what I want to do.

Careers are difficult, especially when at the moment I have my job and then my career is layered over the top. I had this discussion with a colleague yesterday and we both were baffled at what we would do if we lived the nine to five dream where every evening and weekend is yours. I would be innundated with spare time I would go crazy.

However, this distinct lack of time is driving me crazy also. I want to be a great dancer (must train more must train more), an amazing choreographer (must find inspiration and time to play), an inspiring teacher (must prep and find innovative sessions to deliver), run an evolving company (need more time in the office), a brilliant girlfriend (must have time to listen), a supportive and fun to be around friend (need to find time for people to be around me), a great daughter/ sister/ cousin/ neice (must see family at some point), a domestic goddess (must be in the house to cook!) etc etc etc etc.

Sadly whenever I am acheiving one of these I am failing drastically in another sector and as a result never feel completely positive about what it is I am acheiving. Therefore I am stuck. When all of your standards are so high there is no time to lie down for a moment.

I am also stuck with what to write today as my head is running with thoughts of choreography, organisation, the week to come, whether I will have anything to say when I'm hanging out with the ladies tonight. Aaargh.

Any ideas on how to become unstuck? Answers once again on a postcard please.