As I write this I am surrounded by various piles of paperwork that require completion, an empty suitcase that needs filling, a phone that won't stop with people wanting to say ta ta for now and a tummy full of butterflies!

I am, courtesy of the Scottish Arts Council/ Creative Scotland's professional development funding, off to Holland and Veinna for an indulgent six week of self development. Phew, finally no paperwork and lots of dancing.. I hope!

Therefore I will be endeavouring to keep Article 19 informed with the blood, sweat and no doubt tears of my exploits but as I have no idea where I will even be staying yet I am unsure of internet access so can't make any promises.

I will be visiting Rotterdam and Danceworks to get things started, shall pop over to Arnhem to hear about all the exciting things that go on over there in the Autumn, will be in Vienna at Impulstanz in two very different research projects ( and and will culminate in an imrpovisation workshop and performance with the legendary Katie Duck.

I genuinely feel like I could wee my pants with excitement right now.

Anybody in Europe at the moment get in touch x