Michael Clark returns to Edinburgh from Friday 28th - Monday 31st August with Thank U Ma'am and I could not be more excited. Michael Clark has always fascinated me as a Scotsman who made it through to work with some of the most notorious characters in dance history. More so, I actually like his work which I feel has never crossed the boundary into the land of pretentious recognition only because of the choreographers name (I shan't mention some of the less skilled names out there who for some reason are still being worshipped in spite of not having produced a decent piece of choreography in decades.)

Clark has commented of the work that following his Stravinsky trilogy he favoured developing the trilogy of Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Lou Reed; the inspiration behind the latest work. In a recent Dance Umbrella interview Clark reflects that the both the Stravinsky work and Thank U Ma'am are closely linked, even stating that 'when I listen to Aladdin Sane I think I can hear Rite of Spring in there.'

Having been brought up with the music of Bowie in an ironic way I see the link between the two scores but don't know if it is a coincidence I would have ever picked out myself.

Being nostalgic about Bowie and loving the work of Michael Clark I truly hope that this latest piece does not disappoint. I'll be sure to let you know!