There was an advert for business banking or a credit card (I can't find it anywhere so if anyone can please help me!) where there was a fisherman who fished in the morning, spent the afternoon with his family and then had a few beers with his friends in the evening. A business minded man came along and suggested he expand his fishing business to a fleet of fishing boats. The fisherman asks the point of it all and the business man replies that in about ten years time the fisherman will have the sort of life where he just fishes a little in the morning, can spend the afternoon with his family and then have a few beers with his friends in the evening. Point taken?

A close bboy friend of mine reminded me of such an advert the other afternoon when we were in a dance space together. I was simply tagging along, laptop in hand and a pile of work in my bag, to be another pair of eyes as he trained. As I chatted idly about various projects he stopped and asked me why I was doing what I was doing.

I explained that in order to dance there must be a space to dance in and a venue to showcase material. I mentioned how funders must realise you as an established name before they are willing to invest the finance to allow you to dance. I spraffed about how when I have the time and money I will develop a multitude of skills.

His reply was brief:

'You just wanna dance , right? (I nodded) You are in a free space right now, what's stopping you?'

Fair point.

The friend I speak of genuinely lives and breathes break dancing, irritatingly so at times when you want to escape into a game of Scrabble and he can only chat relative to the bboy world. I remember having this same passion during my college years and cannot remember the point at which paperwork overruled this hunger for dance. This passion was fuelled by a confidence in my own skills.

Having let paperwork dominate my time and the judgements of critics knock my confidence I no longer have the confidence to simply move in a space. It is a sad day when a business banking advert carries a message so prominent in my own life.

However, in the words of this unknowingly inspiring bboy 'the longer you stand on the side of the circle the bigger entering the circle becomes' and so I am going to stop typing and hunt for a circle to leap into. I suggest every dancer out there does the same.