I think the work I am creating right now is cursed!

It may sound a little bit woe is me but seriously, ask the dancers. I have enjoyed every second of the research process and embraced the challenge but why can the challenges not all be creative ones? If they were I swear I would develop at a much greater rate.

Between the dancers private lives, change in commitments, injuries bla bla bla. Arrangin rehearsals which then have to change (compromising my work life) to accomodate new ventures of the dancers. To my laptop eating vital video footage... To cancelled rehearsal space, to my own bad health. The list goes on.

Genuinley one of the dancers lives was going amazingly until the morning of one of my rehearsals...

Now, two days before curtain up and still six hours down on rehearsals I am told that one of my dancers has tonsilitis. Where is the justice?

FACT: You should never work without money, with friends or without an understudy on hand. You need to be able to just tell people to suck it up and get on and sadly (but truly) if you're paying them, have no emotional ties to them and are not doing anything illegal you can get away with this.

That may sounds harsh and I don't mean it that way, I want to support my buddies and love them dearly. I also know that even if a stranger to me was breaking their heart I couldn't ask them to get on with it but Arts Grants don't come from being nice to people, they come from producing great work.

Someone with a magic wand please change my luck or my head may explode!