Apologies Article 19ers, I feel as if I have been AWOL forever. PC World were going to quickly repair my laptop but in fact hijacked it then held it hostage at their depot using snow as their barricade. The snow itself stopped the world as I'm sure you are all aware. Finally upon my laptops return I was hit by, what I have been told was, gastric flu.

It has all driven me to think long and hard about everything as I had no work to go to and no means to work from home. Cabin Fever is the only term close to how I was feeling. My poor flat mate could not understand my inability to relax and I then realised that today that is the reflection of an artists temperament.

Sadly, we're not all driven insane by our creativity but we fall into the habit of not be able to take a break for fear of work ceasing or being forgotten by those we work so intensively to network with.

Fortunately I was hit by a barrage of things which made me stop and I couldn't be more relieved. It is a great thing to be a person again: with a social life; the opportunity to curl up with a good book; the chance to cook that thing that looked good in the magazine; to call people without a reason and to cut your toenails in peace and with no time limit.

The other great revelation is sleep! I have power napped daily (mostly due to the sickness) but now am starting to feel refreshed. Today I woke up and didn't feel tired, what is this sensation?

I have a to do list as long as my arm as well as Christmas to prepare for but for once I am opting to let things buzz around me. I'll get to them eventually!