What happens now?

The parties will resort to backroom deal-making to decide how the country will be run.


Is it any wonder the arts sector stands no chance when this is the system our so called country has in place when the public are undecided as to how the country should be run? As apposed to a standard system being in place for an indecisive result, according to the Daily Mail above and every other news channel we now leave it up to groups of people whom the majority of us don't trust to make deals with each other to decide upon a leader.

We may laugh at the politics of various arts organisations but truly this is no laughing matter as until they have serious role models we have no hope.

Even in the weeks leading up to the election the argument for certain leaders became simply throwing mud at their competition. Should we begin to do this in funding bids? 'You should fund me because in their 2006 tour only 20 people turned up to The Traverse' Forgetting to mention that on that date in 2006 there was ridiculous snow which left half the country stranded etc etc etc

Why can we not band together to ensure systems of power work well for all and support as many people as possible. Surely everyone we look up to has a collective goal which is to ensure the future of the arts remains diverse and that as many artists as possible are in receipt of support. (You would hope so anyway!)

I'm really interested in satisfying this collective goal and have been brainstorming methods in which arts funders can support the larger community. After a month of performing and feeling as if I am finally back on my game it is back to teaching to pay the rent (soon to be mortgage eek!) but this limits my ability to get to and pay for class. Could there be a way in which funders could push money into a system of training for all professionals?

There is no fund to apply to in order to establish this but if you pay a specialist tutor £60 for a standard 90 minutes class, that is only £420 per week if a class each week day. Which totals £21,840 per year without breaks. That actually is a small chunk of money compared to some projects but could offer professionals a free stable training in any one area so they can maintain their skills. Obviously establishing space and time for this would be complex BUT if dancers paid a mere £1 per session this would generate a revenue that is sustainable by dancers. Currently it costs about £7 to get to one class so is it any wonder that is what most are limited to attending weekly?

Multi company tour funding, opening venues to artists, opening rehearsal space??? I really don't know. I don't have time to study the funding systems and I am aware that there are many people working hard to reveiw structures and offer opportunities but there must be a way to access more artists? Spread the wealth a little?

At least if we established some kind of solid base and system in the arts which could not be criticised for being closed to many, such political complexities as that our country is facing would have less bearing on what we do?

Quality control is of course another debate but surely greater competition breeds greater quality as artist are all practicing and competing for larger funding by sharing segments of their practice, not just by mastering the art of form filling.