Edinburgh's Fringe Festival should be a time of celebration for all dance enthusiasts as there is so much to digest. However, as someone who lives in Edinburgh life tends to get in the way and you end up missing everything you want to see. Therefore Dancebase have cracked it with their continuous and affordable programme of work which can only be described as varied.

On my one night off this week I was able to catch four shows for a bargain price of £20. From the gorgeous and captivating Laila Diallo to the cute nostalgia of Pere Faura as he toured through the world of musical theatre there is really something for everyone.

The most noteworthy performance of the evening has to go to Iona Kewney in Self-Interrupted Exhibition. The audience really were stuck to their seats, partly in fear and partly in awe of the honesty with which she depicted her innermost reactions to the space.

My personal favourite came in the form of Curious Seed with their work Found. I cannot deny that I could watch Christine Devaney perform all day but Found captured so much more than beautiful movement. Each performer was commited and the work captured movement, sound, text and texture in a perfect balance.

There are many works that I have not been able to see due to time constraints but this is where we have to congratulate Dancebase in conjunction with the Skinny Magazine as they have teamed up to create The Shimmy Skinny with daily reviews, interviews and updates.

All in all an easier life for the busy dance enthusiast during the festival. Hurray!!