I have been off the radar for so long it's quite remarkable yet I am quite pleased as the entire time has been spent dancing amongst one of the most diverse casts I have ever experienced. Talk about learning from people... it's been so much I could do with a week to recover.

Sadly amongst all the joy there is the terrible reality of realising what dance has become. The enthusiasm of people concerning dance is growing immensely and this is exciting however the lack of knowledge being bred by so called 'dance reality shows' is making my life a misery.

Since when, as a contemporary dancer, is it customary to use pop music and bust out the odd back flip? Whatever happened to R&D and an art? So it is, the definition of my trade lies somewhere between this and my mum telling people I pretend to be a tree. Oh dear!

What is worse is this growing belief that all dancers (who are remarkably similar in slight frame) are represented by a small minority which is strangely 50% male? Last time I checked my personal statistics I spend half my life throwing females around for the lack of men in the trade. Although I do, heaven forbid, lift men in works where the lady plays a greater role than a simple weak woman in a short dress possibly looking for love and being manhandled by a topless, oiled up hunk.

Not to mention the fact they can turn their hand to any dance style...... what do you mean you don't tap Emma? Ehhhh, does a joiner fix cars?

Promotion is great but are audiences coming in to theatres? If they are, are they leaving disappointed because their television coaching leads them to believe three minutes is an ideal length for a work and everything should either be funny or about love whilst playing on traditional gender roles?

There has to be a better way of getting people involved in the nitty gritty of the artform?

Oh and finally, I may as well say what most of us think, since when did having one particularly flexible hip make you a dancer qualified to judge all styles like you know what you're talking about?

Entertainment 1 - 0 Art