I am not a martyr to the cause and would never make out that I am hard done by in terms of support but of late I have been snowed under filling out funding grants for next year and am sick of feeling inadequate.

This inadequacy does not come from not having answers; ever since I was a child I've always had an answer! But in terms of the said forms I do not have an answer yet....

Opportunities and artists, from my experience, tend to work in three monthly blocks however the latest application wait is 12 weeks. Therefore I find out on the day I'm supposed to fly if I receive the funding or not. It's an opportunity I cannot turn down but come December I may be getting on a plane (flights will have to be booked now or will cost the entirety of my grant) without a penny to my name. Eeeek!

I know many artists feel the same and although I do not have a definitive answer surely there must be a simpler way of letting us know if we stand a chance.

It takes five minutes to read an application and put it in the 'no-hope', 'maybe' or 'looks like a winner' pile. Could this work systematically? It would make life easier for the artist anyway and surely we are the people being served.

It's either that or I start planning years down the line by which point both passion and capacity to learn become confused by over planning and logisitics.

The other issue comes in that the arts is a gamble and I feel that many of these forms ask you to predict an outcome before the project has started. Research and development is just that, you don't know where you're going until you've been on the journey. i'm not saying you should give out money willy nilly but really, surely funders a scent for a winner!

Maybe we could give presentations and find out on the day.....eeeeek!! Express it through dance, ha! Obviously for large amounts it needs to be more official but for development could someone just turn up with a cheque book???? Imagine!