In a recent email I was sent details of the pay grades of certain Creative Scotland directors. I have done no research to see if this is true however I don't have any reason to believe an artist would sit and make it up as most of us are busy rushing to our second job, filling in funding applications or, heaven forbid, dancing.

In light of the fact I haven't done my research all I will say is that the average salary (taking into account six positions with a range of £60 000 - £130 000 per annum) is between £74 167 - £78 332 per annum.

I don't want to state the obvious, but I will. This year there were applications totalling £117 365 to the Creative Development fund with an available fund of £31 241. That is a short fall of £86 124. Divide this by six and that would entail each of these directors undertaking a £15 000 pay cut: some people don't even make £15 000 a year to have it cut from their salary!

I am nobody to rate the job that is being done in any of the funding institutions, I don't dedicate enough of my time looking at the systems to offer a true critique of them. I also know it is not as simple as taking from the rich to give to the poor but since when did everyone deserve so much money? When the Prime Minister is taking a salary of £142 000 per year for trying to run the entire country (I make no comment on the way in which he is doing so...) surely running the arts sector isn't quite so stressful or deserving of lump sums?

The general issue I have with our country at the moment is that there are far too many 'fat cats on caviar' everywhere. Why, why, why as there been no salary cap introduced? Why are those at the bottom of the ladder once again getting bumped when directors are making a pretty pocket? Why, why, why does nobody rate job satisfaction over money? Why, why, why are local football academies closing down everywhere when Wayne Rooney makes £160 000 per week? Why are people being made redundant right left and centre yet the boss is still driving a swanky Audi with all the trimmings? I could go on and on as I am sure you all could but seriously WHY?

Eurgh, GREED is horrible.