Okay, so I'm Scottish and to many that is the reason the world cup sends shivers down my spine but it's not the case. I simply do not get football.

I get team spirit, I get feeling part of a community, I get competition. I love rugby and will scream at the television along with the rest of the country during the six nations but it is very different as there is no where near as much money or press involved; god forbid it's about sport!

Already every TV show is doing a world cup edition, even Come Dine With Me is having a footballer special, preceded by a WAG special. WAGS - argh! Who gives a flying rats backside what a bunch of people who succesfully bedded a footballer have to cook, let alone say to each other. I don't dislike WAGS as people but I absolutely hate our nations obsession with them.

At what point did our nation lose all sense of culture and education. My cousin has no idea what Lord of the Flies is about but can tell me every detail of the breakdown of Cheryl Cole's marraige.... if only Shakespearre had written anything so sordid, interesting and complex!

Eurgh, it hurts me that everyone is so obsessed with paying a bomb for tickets to fly and see a ball get kicked about but won't cough up a fiver for a discounted ticket to see their local dance company.

I'll never understand but think that we should get some clever marketing people in and start to make Dance Company Away Kits and Season Tickets. Perhaps we could start a National Dance League where every performance is a double bill that gets rated and then the company with the most points gets a wee trophy and the one with the least gets demoted? Peak season would have to be over by November in time for Panto and could use the Edinburgh Festival for warm up friendly dance offs in August. Up here in Scotland 'The Old Firm' would be a well attended, carefully selected repertoire from Scottish Dance Theatre and Scottish Ballet challenged at times by David Hughes Dance Company and Janis Claxton Dance Company, the Hearts and Hibs of the dance world. Anyone up for it?