Audition 'Vanara (UK)'

Closes on January 22, 2018 and is for Male and Female dancers

Academy Award-winning producer Giovanna Romagnoli ('Cinema Paradiso') is producing a 6-week creative workshop of a brand new musical - Vanara The Musical. There will be a 2-week dance workshop with 6 dancers and a 4-week workshop with a full cast of 24.

Vanara is an epic new musical set in an age when the secret of fire was the difference between life or death. In a world where the bond between humans and nature was sacred. Two young lovers are drawn together in a timeless story of passion and sacrifice told in a language both lyrical and visceral.

In our version, star-crossed lovers, Ayla and Mohr belong to different tribes, divided by the possession of fire. The Children of the Sun have it. The Clan of the Stone want it.

The music of Vanara is the result of long and extensive musical research producing strong melodies incorporating influences of modern cinema and ethnic instrumentalisation. It has textures and palates that reflects the sound of fire and this ancient world in which we inhabit.

The journey of Vanara is a long one having been written 10 years ago in ancient Sicilian. The last 16 months has seen the team record a brand new concept album in English as well as produce a 2 week exploratory workshop and presentation of the album and choreographic / physical language.

We are now looking going into our second phase of workshops to fully develop the script, the score and the choreography ahead of a full production in 2019 and are looking for incredible and versatile musical theatre artists of all ethnicities to bring this show to life.


CHILDREN OF THE SUN: The Children of the Sun are a small nomadic tribe. They have the secret of fire, how to create and control it, and this has enabled them to develop and evolve with improved language skills. Consequently, they have evolved to a slightly higher philosophical understanding and this is represented in the gravitas of their spoken word throughout the show.

CLAN OF THE STONE: A cave-dwelling tribe, always on the edge of survival. Vulnerable to the changing climate they are always dealing with the day-to-day. They have little time to contemplate their place in the world, they are too busy trying to survive. They do not own the secret of fire and it would change their way of life forever if they did.
FEES: £425 per week (buy-out)

Production dates:

• DANCE WORKSHOP: Rehearsals - w/c 19th February to 4th March 2018 (2 weeks) ** • MAIN WORKSHOP (to also include the dancers **): Rehearsals - 9th April to 3rd May 2018 (4 weeks) • Presentations - Friday 4th May 2018 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Director: Jonathan O'Boyle
Choreographer: Eleesha Drennan
Producer: Giovanna Romagnoli and Gianluca Cucchiara
Company: Vanara Ltd

Casting details
Dance auditions - Friday 26th and Saturday 27th January 2018 (recalls each afternoon)


Description: Dancers must have a high level of technical training in ballet, contemporary and/or musical theatre, dancers who are theatrically and emotionally expressive with a strong stage presence.

The work will be physically demanding, and the dancers need to be physically daring and robust, willing to take risks and have a good upper body strength. They also need to have experience in contact work - Strong improvisational skills with the ability to respond intelligently to creative tasks that will be directed by the choreographer.

They must have a strong sense of musicality and rhythm with a good ability to sing as part of the ensemble (ensemble voices only).

PLAYING AGE: 20 to 35
VOCAL RANGE: All ranges
Height: Any
Appearance: Any
Pay category: Non-Equity

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: Monday 22nd January 2018 TO APPLY PLEASE EMAIL A CV and PHOTO TO: [email protected]

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