Audition 'Umanoove/Didy Veldman (UK)'

Closes on August 22, 2017 and is for Male and Female dancers

Umanoove/Didy Veldman is excited to announce that she is looking for experienced female and male dancers for her second independent creation with 5 professional dancers and some apprentices.

The audition will be held on Tuesday 22 August 2017 with a deadline for applicants on 17 August 2017. Requirements: Extensive body awareness, openness, strength, flexibility in body and mind, ability to apply various movement techniques, improvisation, collaborating and generosity.

Interested applicants should email a CV plus head-shot and a maximum of two video links to
[email protected] Please note that the audition will be by invitation only.

Working period in London UK: Either w/c 30 Oct. or w/c 6 Nov until 8 Dec.'17 and 22 Jan. until 9 Feb. '18 with performances in Feb '18 and Nov. '18 throughout the UK and Scotland. Please, if you do not have availability during the stated project period do not apply to audition.

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