Audition 'Pharmacy Ensemble (UK)'

Closes on April 30, 2017 and is for Male and Female dancers

We are looking to recast three characters. Performers must be able to do an American accent (Portland/Oregon) and be comfortable with performing and devising choreographed movement. Singing/musical skills preferable as sound will be created live onstage. We value performers eager to work collaboratively with the directors through movement and text.

The run will be in the first two weeks of June at The Bunker Theatre in London Bridge (this is not yet announced so cannot be shared). Rehearsals will be in May with a couple of preliminary workshops at the end of April. The fee for the whole thing will be £1000. We understand that this is not a huge amount so we will be as flexible as possible to other work commitments during May if there are some.

The parts we are casting are:

Arden is the protagonist and narrator of the play. He needs to be a very competent mover and actor. He is quite an enigmatic character so can be interpreted in multiple ways. Crucially, he has committed the worst crimes in the prison however we are not aware of this until the end of the play. He is incredibly perceptive of his environment and throughout the play starts to learn what it means to be human though listening to conversations in the prison and, most importantly, through reading. Arden interprets the world around him through a magical realist lense, creating the 'enchanted world' of the prison which he wants to show to the audience.

Multi Role

This is a male multi-role part. The actor must be able to move easily between different distinguishable characters. Troy is a tall, strong man with sloping shoulders and a kind face. He is one of the men The Lady visits in order to uncover information about one of her clients. Dr Hammond is another figure links to The Lady's investigation. He is an old, weasel-like man who is incredibly self-involved. A slimy figure.

The Fallen Priest

A former priest who was sent down to the prison after he was banished from his Church after having sexual relationships with an underage stripper. He is an awkward, bumbling man with a good heart and does really want to learn to understand people, especially those inside the prison. He is initially afraid of The Lady because of the freedom he hears in her voice, however, this fear soon turns into respect. He deeply desires the Lady to be happy and finds in her a person to reveal and accept the darker and sadder parts of his history.

To audition please email interest to [email protected]

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