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The Media Advice Paradox

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

For the most recent Coda Dance Festival in Oslo Ballet de Lorraine from Nancy in France brought a new work from Norwegian dance maker Ingun Bjørnsgaard.

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For 2012 we decided to hold our prestigious event on the side of a Swiss Alp as a massive avalanche approached because we wanted to add an element of intense danger and mortal peril to the proceedings.

That's the last time TheImp™ gets to choose the location, that's for sure. As ever, our winners recieve a massive bar of Toblerone for their efforts and our losers will receive an "Atomic Wedgie™" if we ever get our hands on them.

Outstanding Achievement in Dance

Ballet Lorent

If you want a piece of work that's been created to perfectly suit its intended audience then look no further than 'Underneath the Floorboards' from Newcastle based Ballet Lorent.

Creating a simple fantasy story of a young boy venturing under his bedroom floor to recover some lost toys the work eschews the traditional theatrical format by bringing the audience right onto the stage with the dancers.

Considering the majority of that audience is under the age of five years old the abilities of the dancers to tell the story with a new audience for each performance is remarkable.

The perfect mix of colourful and richly textured costumes, excellent music, a charming story and, of course, 4 accomplished dancers makes for superb piece of work and a sentence with far too many verbs in it!

[ Underneath the Floorboards 'Ballet Lorent' ]

Outstanding Achievement in Dance Performance

Ulriqa Fernqvist

When we published 'Boundaries' from Swedish dance company Art of Spectra we noted at the time the dancers were so grounded you couldn't knock them over with a bulldozer. Ms Fernqvist stands out with her exceptional performance abilities that marry subtlety with phenomenal power. Abilities that, perhaps, emphasise the real difference between contemporary and classical performers.

Mentioned in Dispatches: Also from Art of Spectra we have Sofia 'Sosso' Harryson with her own particular blend of incredible strength and performance artistry mixed with just a small hint of break-dancing skill.

Our final special mention goes to Henriette Hamli from Panta Rei Dance Theatre in Norway. Another strong, physical yet lyrical professional dancer performing in work that requires both subtlety and incredible physical agility.

[ 'Boundaries' Art of Spectra ]
[ 'I Wish Her Well' Panta Rei Dance Theatre ]

The Blazing Saddles Shoot Yourself in the Foot Award

Akram Khan

After being in receipt of a large amount of public funding for many years from a lot for different sources and taking a pay cheque from the hugely expensive and publicly funded Olympics opening ceremony Mr Khan was quoted in the national press saying that the arts have too much money.

Perhaps Mr Khan was looking in a mirror when he said it and it was more of an inward reflection, more of a Freudian slip than anything else?

[ Too Much ]

The George Osbourne Bad Finance Award

DanceXchange and Dance East

For being complicit in the massive boondoggle that was and still is The Space. These partners in crime spent exorbitant amounts of money making supremely average films that everybody has already forgotten.

As dance continues to struggle with a lack of jobs for professional dancers, real career progression for professional dancers and the ever present low pay monster these two organisations stand out for their brazen stupidity.

[ Betrayal ]

The Big Old Stick Up Your Butt Award

The Space

The ACE/BBC website that is supposed to celebrate the arts is a vapid, humourless, characterless mess with a massive stick up its butt. It cost millions to run it (as companies in the real world were losing their funding) and the only thing it has achieved is to represent the arts as a massive, humourless, characterless self involved entity with a big old stick up its butt!


[ In Space No One Can Hear you Scream ]

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