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Sarah is a professional dancer/choreographer. A graduate of the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and London Contemporary Dance School, she currently lives in London, freelancing for different companies and choreographers as well as working on her own projects.

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Monday, 8 February, 2010

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Not in a really bad way. I think my body is just tired. I worked 35 days in a row. Stupid me I know. Never again. It was a mistake. Bad freelancer.

Right now my calf and glute muscles have just decided to get really tight but I thought it was my knee. Hands up who wants knee trouble as a dancer? So I went to see an osteo today as a preventative measure because I knew I had a show tomorrow and didn't want to ruin myself. Luckily it was just as I said tight muscles that had shifted about and were beginning to pull my leg in different directions hence thinking my knee was about to break (in layman's terms).

My osteopath's name is Nicky Ellis and I cannot recommend someone more highly. My experience with her is that she sorts you out in one session which is amazing. I totally and utterly trust her. She is an ex-dancer and teaches a lot still so she is still very much in the dance world which is an added bonus.

Right now though, I do feel quite queasy and achy BUT she did prod around quite a bit trying to solve my mystery ache, plus I haven't stopped since I saw her at 10am so I think its an amalgamation of something shifting inside my body because of the treatment and also not drinking enough water to flush the toxins plus not stopping to let my body take on the treatment........ maybe? As I said bad freelancer.

Just incase you wanted to know, Nicky practices on Mondays and Fridays at Natureworks (above Danceworks) on Balderton Street. The number to book is 020 7629 2927.

I think she is so great.

Anyways I'm off, need to prepare for performance tomorrow. Costume slightly revealing so need give myself a bit of a talk about how wonderful I am and that no-one will notice my ass........... beautiful ass. Oh man its going to be a long night of looking in the mirror in the costume and trying out different ways I can stand that are the most flattering.


S x

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