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Published Monday, 16 April, 2012 | Comments


One of the most popular videos recently was the suite of features we put together on Verve12. Since we started Article19 video material has always been popular but some more than others.

If you take a look at the image above this shows the "like" button for the Verve12 video page. The number next to it is the number of people who have clicked that button and sent the link information to their Facebook wall.

Now, we have no idea how many friends or not the people who clinked on that button have but if we take an average of 200 per person (a conservative estimate at best) then the link for Verve12 was put in front of, potentially, 23,000 people.

The pay off is a very high in terms of people following the link and watching the video and thus learning a little about what Verve is upto. Traction from links on Facebook is far higher than Twitter, according to our statistics. So get your friends, your family, your company and anybody else who cares to "like" things. Sharing and promoting dance is everybody's job, so get on with it already.

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