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Most small scale dance companies will try very hard to keep things simple, what with tight budgets, smaller venues and limited resources. Not so for Tom Dale Company who are about to embark on a stint at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with 'Refugees of the Septic Heart'.

The show feature 6 dancers, almost as many video projectors, uber complex video graphics and music specially created for the show by Sam Shackleton. So, keeping things simple is not on the menu.

The company say this much about the work;

"Explosive physicality, urban soundscapes and graphic visuals ignite in a mischievous exploration of life perched on the brink of change. Described by as a, "choreographic concept album", Refugees of the Septic Heart is a thought provoking and philosophical new work reflecting the heart beat of a nation; An animalistic tribe of 6 dancers embark on an evolutionary journey spanning a distant past to a high-finance future before exploding into a new dimension.
Inspired by a pulsating cinematic score by Shackleton and spoken-word artist Vengeance Tenfold, Tom Dale's choreography shifts between fast paced fluidity, explosive athleticism and utter stillness. A unique gracefulness dissolves into chaotic hurtling action, thoughtful duets, and spirited solos.

Our feature brings you footage from the work and interviews with the company AD and dancers Hugh Stainer and Maria Olga Palliani.

The company will be performing next at Dance Base in Edinburgh from August 20-24 with continued UK touring to follow into the Autumn.

'Refugees of the Septic Heart' is performed by Michael Kelland, Ariadna Girones Mata, Maria Olga Palliani, John Ross, Hugh Stainer and Joshua Smith with video graphics by Barret Hodgson.

Filmed in The Dance Lab, Newcastle upon Tyne on March 21st 2013.

[ Company Website ]

  • REN

    This is beautifully shot footage and an interesting looking piece, did it work? Worth seeing?

  • thank you and yes it works very well, a very intense experience with the music and graphics but well worth a watch if you like to sit back and be overwhelmed with audio visual and dance material.

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