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Almost during the last breath of 2008 we, here in TheLab™, caught our final show of 2008, the end of year show from the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance featuring the 3rd year and degree level students from the Dundee based school.

SSCD took a slightly different path with an evening length work 'Hard Rain', running to almost 90 minutes, choreographed by the schools director Peter Royston and former student Sara Blanc and taking full advantage of the schools cavernous performance space.

As you would expect with two choreographers there is a mix and match of creative ideas going on in here. You have theatrical set pieces, straight up dance making and more besides all tied together with a mix of pre-recorded and live music the latter of which was provided by local band Whiteheath.

SSCD excels at giving its students the chance to get their teeth into a lot of choreography and prove their performing prowess to a live audience. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (as with most evening length works) but the dancers hold their own and show a tremendous amount of skill throughout.

Also, how many times do you see a dance school performing with excellent live music? Or live music at all for that matter?

Obviously there will be no touring (SSCD does have a graduate touring company called The Space Cadets though!) but keep your eyes on the schools website for future shows.

Dancers. Lyndsey Allan, Urszula Bernat, Morna Bettesworth, Jennifer Bloe, KIM brymer, Juta Campbell, Emma Christie, Sian Davies, Aileen Dick, Chloe Eves, Jennifer Framer, Sarah Geraghty, Cheryl Gill, Agathe Girard, Jemma Hill, Catriona Horne, Rachel Howie, Aaron Jeffrey, John Kendall, Heather Kirkwood, Mathew Lackford, Claire Lornie, Abigail Lawman, Sarah Macdonald, Melissa Macgillavray, Jenna Mcgurk, Zoe Mclinden, Victoria Miles, Keiran Robb, Gillian Robertson, Samantha Ronaldson, Elizabeth \ryder, Hannah Seignor, Leigh Thomson and Jodie Walsh

[ SSCD Website ]

HD Video: This feature is a first for Article19 because it is the first performance we have filmed in High Definition.

For various technical reasons that we won't go into here what you actually get is not really HD though so we call it HDs, as in High Definition Sourced.

What that means is the video you get is higher quality, in terms of picture detail, than normal but it is not full HD. A feature article will soon explain all.

At the moment this is an experiment and future video features will revert back to the usual format for now. File sizes are significantly larger than our previous video features so you may experience a delay before the video begins playing. We will let you know as soon as HD becomes standard on Article19.

Look out for a feature article on HD video online on Monday (Jan 12th).

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