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When we told one of our contemporaries that Article19 had been to Edinburgh to see Scottish Dance Theatre and the performance was rather good, said contemporary looked slightly bemused as to why these particular hardened foot soldiers had enjoyed lots of sword skipping and reels!

Of course, Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT) has nothing whatsoever to do with traditional Scottish dancing and long may it remain that way because if we see just one sword or any trace of a kilt there will be no mercy.

SDT were in Edinburgh to play their particular part in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new piece of work by Jan De Schynkel called 'No Stronger than a Flower'.

Describing this piece as 'slightly bizarre' would not be a bad idea because what else could we say of a dance piece that features blow up costumes, window frames, tiny seats, leather trousers and coffee machines? Fortunately Mr De Schynkel has some choreographic chops and the dancers for SDT are more than capable of beating the best in the business into the floor with their performance prowess.

SDT say of this work in their own words;

"No Stronger Than A Flower is a bold and intriguing work inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet 65, packed with high-energy, daring dance as well as tender, funny moments and set to the richly dramatic sounds of Tom Waits."

As always we strongly encourage you to ignore company blurb and go straight to the video because nothing says dance like............ well, a bit of dance!

No Stronger Than A Flower is performed by Toby Fitzgibbons, Ruth Jansenn, James MacGillvery, Gemma Nixon, Victoria Roberts, Michael Zahora and Phyliss Byrne. The company's next show is at the Dundee Rep Theatre in Dundee, Scotland on September 28th with more touring to follow. You can check SDT's website for info or check our own listings.

Coming in a couple of weeks or so you can see an exclusive video interview with Janet Smith the AD of the company but for now pop over to the interviews section and enjoy the audio only, Podcast version.

[ SDT Website ]

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