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Published on Friday, 17 November, 2006 |

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Sunday, 19 November, 2006

Dance Theatre Ireland 'Exodus'

Friday, 17 November, 2006

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Loretta Yurick is the Irish-American co-director of Dance Theatre of Ireland with Robert Connor. The company based in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin is now in its 17th year of producing contemporary dance work.

As well as commissioning outside choreographers to create work on the company Ms Yurick, along with her co-director, have created more than thirty original pieces of work for Dance Theatre Ireland. 'Exodus', part of the company's current tour is described as;

"In a context where 'immigration' has come to mean "border control", people are moving (legally or illicitly) all over the world. What do we bring with us? What do we leave behind? How do we encounter another? Featuring an international cast of 6 dancers, digital scenography by Suzanne Mooney and original music by Rory Pierce."

During the interview we discuss the company's current work, how Dance Theatre Ireland copes working day to day in relative isolation from the rest of the dance world and how she hopes the company will grow, but not too much, over the coming years as the they look to get "more mileage out of what [they] make".

The interview includes footage from both 'Grand Junction' and 'Exodus' throughout and you can also checkout a longer interview with Ms Yurick via the Podcast button above.

You can also have a glance at our exclusive video feature on the company available at the link below. If you want more information about Dance Theatre Ireland then check out their website.

Grand Junction is performed by Karl Paquemar and Melanie Nezereau with music by Nye Parry and Julian Swales, Choreography by Charles Linehan. Exodus is performed by Robert Connor, Lise Manavit, Avril Murphy, Melanie Nezereau, Brendan O'Connor, Karl Paquemar and Aneta Szydiak. Music by Rory Pierce and Choreography by Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor.

The interview was filmed at the Pavillion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, 8th November, 2006.

[ Company Website ]
[ Video Feature ]

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