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Jasmin Vardimon Company are back on the road after a long break with their brand new work 'Justitia' which brings court room drama to the stage along with some acting and a lot of high quality dance.

Following a murder the audience are taken through the lives of the various protagonists through flashbacks and vignettes as the lawyer for the defense, played by Victoria Fox, narrates the proceedings until we arrive at the shocking conclusion. OK, it's not that shocking but 'Justitia' does a fine job of transfering the 'court room drama' into a dance work.

The company continues to innovate by incorporating a giant revolving stage into the mix which the dancers have to physically push round, no fancy motor powered stuff here.

The company says of this piece;

"JUSTITIA invites the audience on an investigative journey as it unravels the multiple truths concealed behind a gripping crime story. Presented on a revolving stage, the audience will witness the action from different perspectives - at the crime scene, in the court house, inside an intimate group therapy room - revealing new realities as a series of secrets unfold.

Punctuated with provocative and insightful humour, JUSTITIA treats us to Vardimon's unique brand of highly acute physical theatre. Fiercely athletic, and beautifully detailed, this new production re-unites the creative team behind PARK, delivering a generous mix of energetic dance, a sharp script and exhilarating music. "

As ever, the company demonstrate some of the finest dance making you will see anywhere in the world with a good mix of styles and techniques and stand out performances from every member of the cast.

'Justitia' is performed by Paul Blackman, Luke Burrough, Tim Casson, Victoria Fox, Christine Gouzelis, Athanasia Kanellopoulou and YungKrung Song with choreography by Jasmin Vardimon and sound design by Ohad Fishof.

The company will be touring until the end of May with more touring to follow. You can keep up to date with performances on the special 'Justitia' website and through the main company website.

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