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Jasmin Vardimon Company takes the record for the most video features on Article19 (five if you're keeping count). The company's latest work keeps up a strong track record of outstanding dance making and the best collection of dancers currently in the wild.

'Yesterday' is both a collection of previous choreography, from works such as 'Lullaby', 'Park' and many more, as well as brand new and revised material for this work. The idea behind the piece is all part of their ten year anniversary as well as making a practical effort to create work that is more viable for touring internationally (to keep costs down).

The company say of 'Yesterday';

"Yesterday features some of the most breathtaking duets, striking solos and iconic moments selected from the company's repertoire, reprised with new choreography and multi media integration.

Contrasting flashes of daring athleticism with moments of touching beauty, Yesterday interweaves scenes of intimate and vulnerable tenderness with provocative and playful choreography, remaining as stirring and socially relevant as ever."

Our video feature includes interviews with Jasmin Vardimon, director of the company, hence the name, and dancers Mafalda Deville and Luke Burrough. Of course we have extensive footage from the show itself for you to enjoy.

Be warned, there is some gunfire in the show and although it's not scary on the video, when you're in the theatre it makes your heart skip more than a few beats!

'Yesterday' is performed by Paul Blackman, Luke Burrough, Tim Casson, Mafalda Deville, Christine Gouzelis, David Nondorf, YunKrung Song and Elena Stavropoulou.

The company's next performance is at South Hill Park in Bracknell (which is a real place) on Thursday October 2nd before touring nationally. Full list of touring venue info on the company website.

[ Company Website ]

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