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Sunday, 16 November, 2008

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Part two of our feature from Dance Theatre Ireland's new touring repertory is 'Under the Roof' created by South Korean dance maker In-young Sohn as part of the collaboration between DTI and Now Dance.

This works shares a very similar dynamic to the first piece of the evening 'Parallel Horizons' and includes dancers from both companies interacting as if they had been working together their entire working lives!

Classy performances all round. The work really does need to be seen live to appreciate the expansive nature of the thing. Music is, as with the other piece, performed live by a small ensemble of musicians.

DTI say of 'Under the Roof';

"Under the Roof represents home, a place where we rest, wrap our solitude, or can be soothed and revitalized. In the course of one day the work unfolds exposing the nature of our collective and individual spirits.

Under the Roof is where we learn to share (or not) and where it's possible to be supported. From under the roof we go out into the world, and from under the roof we learn it is possible to achieve the impossible, we receive our sustenance. What other things happen under that roof?"

'Under the Roof' is performed by Lise Manavit, Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Byung Hwa Kim, Jon Morley, Min Young Park, Ju Jin Shin and Seung Kwan Yoo. Music is by RII Woo Lee performed by Nick Bailey, II Woo Lee, Bo-mi Kim and Rory Pierce.

DTI are currently touring the Republic of Ireland for the next month. Check their website for updates on 2009 performances.

NB: The programme credits this work to Dance Now. We have listed the piece under Dance Theatre Ireland for reader convenience.

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