Compagnie T-d'U 'All the things...'

Thursday, 3 July, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

And now for something a little bit different. Compagnie T-d'U is not a dance company but a theatre company comprised of four actors and their work 'All the things you said you never said before you thought you could ever say' (that's the full title) is more physical theatre than a dance show.

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Ballet de Lorraine 'Hedda'

Monday, 9 June, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

For the most recent Coda Dance Festival in Oslo Ballet de Lorraine from Nancy in France brought a new work from Norwegian dance maker Ingun Bjørnsgaard.

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EDge 2014

Tuesday, 6 May, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

Now under the watchful eye of AD Jeanne Yasko the company is presenting works by Trisha Brown 'Canto/Pianto', Yael Flexer 'The Living Room', Maya Levy 'Spring on Mars' and Ben Wright's improbably titled 'a power to bring light into a darkened room'.

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Danish Dance Theatre 'End of Loneliness'

Monday, 21 April, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

We last featured Danish Dance Theatre in 2011 with their UK tour of 'CaDance' featuring three works from company director Tim Rushton. This time out the company was on a more limited UK tour with some specially revised works for half of the company's dancers.

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JV2 2014

Monday, 7 April, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

Out in the wild for their second tour is the post graduate company with a difference created by Jasmin Vardimon, JV2. This time out the company is showing works by Ms Vardimon 'Tomorrow', Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis 'Vohlfs' and 'Purgatory: Nothing 2 Say' by David Lloyd.

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Verve 2014

Friday, 4 April, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

Welcome dear readers for what is our 7th year of covering the exploits of the post-graduate company from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, that company being Verve. This time out the group of 12 dancers are tackling work by Lea Anderson 'Re-Wind', Gemma Nixon and Jonathan Goddard 'Mute', Ben Duke 'You, Me, The Door and the Floor' and a stand out piece from NSCD third year student Jamaal Burkmar with 'Ocean'.

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Probe Project 'Running on Empty'

Thursday, 27 March, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

The Probe Project are a company that have been moving around the touring scene for several years now. Helmed by Antonia Grove the company makes work that mixes several mediums to come up with a whole that is strikingly different from a lot of contemporary dance work out there.

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Panta Rei Danseteater 'huset GranNabo'

Monday, 17 March, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

A welcome return to Article19 for Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater and a new double bill featuring works from the company AD's Pia Holden and Anne Ekenes along with Swedish dance maker Camilla Ekelöf.

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Slanjayvah Danza 'Minor Tears'

Sunday, 2 March, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

Welcome dear readers to a first time feature on Article19 with the Leeds based dance company Slanjayvah Danza and a work several years in the making 'Minor Tears'. Jenni Wren, the choreographer behind 'Minor Tears' has recently started a blog on this very website chronicling the very subject matter of this piece, dancers and their injuries.

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Motionhouse Dance Theatre 'Broken'

Thursday, 6 February, 2014 | Comments | Make A Comment

It has been almost 4 years to the day since we last featured a work by Warwick based Motionhouse Dance Theatre. Why so long you ask? Times are changing and dance companies are keeping their works alive for a lot longer than in previous years. 'Scattered', the company's previous production, is still touring internationally.

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