Tavaziva Dance 'Wild Dog'

Wednesday, 13 October, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

When last we featured Tavaziva Dance on Article19 it was with the far more politically charged 'My Friend Robert', a work that concerned itself with none other than Robert Mugabe.

Taking a solid left turn at the traffic lights this time out the company is looking toward wildlife and preservation with a work that highlights the plight of the titular African wild dog which the programme helpfully informs us is actually called "Lycaon Pictus".

Our features bring you a section of the work itself with a good helping of Bawren Tavaziva's relentless dance making style performed by a suitably hard core group of dancers. We also have an interview with Mr Tavaziva himself where he discusses his work, music and the future of the company.

The company has this much to say about the piece:

Wild Dog captures the beauty and elegance of one of Africa's most endangered species, whilst delving deep into the unknown and articulation of the beast. Tavaziva implores audiences to join the dramatic dancers as their bodies pulsate and vibrate against the mind-blowing soundtrack cut and arranged by award-winning Zimbabwean-born choreographer and composer Bawren Tavaziva.

'Wild Dog' is currently touring throughout the UK with more to follow. Check the company's website for further details and show them some support if you can.

The work is performed by Kristina Alleyne, Katie Cambridge, Lisa Rowley, Petros Treklis, Anna Watkins, Hannah Spencer and Serena Morgan with music and choreography by Bawren Tavaziva.

Filmed at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln on Tuesday October 5th, 2010.

[ Tavaziva Website ]

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Ludus Dance 'Consequences'

Tuesday, 14 September, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

For the first time here on Article19 we bring you the latest touring productions from Ludus Dance Company, which, believe it or not, is one of the longest running dance companies in these United Kingdoms!

Another first is the company's commissioning of a touring triple bill with works from Yael Flexer 'What If?', Nigel Charnock 'Pandemonium' and Ben Wright 'A four'. The three works are all touring under the 'Consequences' banner.

Each work brings a mixture of dance, theatre and general chaos, slightly safer than none general chaos, with Nigel Charnock's work in particular going for a hefty mix of madness. Who else in the wide world of choreography would mix music from Vivaldi and Aphex Twin? Not many we'll wager.

Ludus say this much about the new triple bill:

The triple-bill format is a new departure for Ludus Dance, and Consequences features the work of three of the UK's biggest names in choreography.

Nigel Charnock, celebrated for repeatedly breaking new ground, brings you a thunderously chaotic chunk of dance theatre that explores the effects of order and chaos on our lives, whilst poking fun at the self-destructing tendencies of our fame hungry society.

Yael Flexer, renowned for connecting with audiences on a human level, reveals a very different interpretation on the theme. Her choreography sees the four dancers caught up in the ripple effect of their own decisions as they create a show before your very eyes.

Meanwhile, Ben Wright, director of bgroup dance company and internationally recognised choreographer, explores fragmented histories, and calls us to seize the moment... NOW!

Aimed at young people and first-time dance audiences, Consequences has wide appeal and is set to entertain through a pulse-racing mix of jaw-dropping dance, theatre and music.

Our video brings you a section from Mr Charnock's 'Pandemonium' (video 1), an interview feature with Ludus Director Di Cummins and Nigel Charnock that includes excerpts from all three works (video 2) and the full unedited interview with Mr Charnock (video 3).

Dancers for each work are Ellen Turner, Rebecca Thomas, Neb Abbot and George Adams.

'Consequences' continues touring for the next 18 months. Check the company website for more details.

Filmed at the Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster on Friday 10th September 2010.

[ Ludus Dance Website ]

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Rosie Kay Dance Co. 'Five Soldiers'

Tuesday, 1 June, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

Now we could start of this feature with a withering reference to Edwin Starr's song "War [What Is It Good For?]" but since pretty much nobody will know what we're on about let's move on shall we!

'Five Soldiers' is the latest work from Rosie Kay Dance Company. The piece takes a long hard look at the world of the professional soldier and the personal and psychological issues they face.

The company tell us this much about the work;

"5 SOLDIERS is a timely, controversial, thought provoking and moving exploration of war in modern times. A dance theatre work with four male and one female dancers, it looks at how the human body is essential to, and used in, warfare. 5 SOLDIERS explores the physical training that prepares you for war, as well as the possible effects on the body, and the injury caused by warfare.

Featuring Kay's trademark intense physicality and athleticism, 5 SOLDIERS weaves a story of physical transformation, helping us understand how soldiers are made and how war affects them."

Our feature includes and interview with the company's director and choreographer and extensive footage from the show itself.

Five soldiers is performed by Tilly Webber, Chris Vahn, Chris Linda, Tomasz Moskal and Michael Spencely with music by Annie Mahtani.

Filmed at the Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, July 25th, 2010.

[ Rosie Kay Dance Company ]

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Scottish Dance Theatre 'The Life and Times of Girl A'

Monday, 5 April, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

Scottish Dance Theatre, which has nothing to do with reels or ceilidhs and that's the last time we're going to tell you that, is back on tour with a series of new works one of which we bring you, our dear readers, for your viewing pleasure.

'The Life and Times of Girl A' was created for the company by Ben Duke of Lost Dog fame and features a healthy mix of dance (no surprises there), theatre, a little bit of live projection thrown in for good measure and a stand out acting performance from Solene Weinachter.

SDT say this much about their new work;

"Lost Dog's award winning Ben Duke brings his 'highly theatrical and subversively humorous style' (Metro) to his new work for SDT. A woman is trying to tell us something important about what is happening now. What she needs is a film crew and a financier, what she's got is a stage and some dancers. A piece about moments of crisis both emotional and financial, when all we need is to use less to say more.

Duke's work breaks new ground in his use of improvised performance in exploring emotional states of play at a meeting point between movement and speech."

Also on the current tour is the in house production 'NQR' (not featured), 'In The Middle of the Moment' and 'Drift'. The programme you get to see is dependant on the tour date so check ahead of time.

Filmed at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester on 21st March 2010.

Dancers are: James MacGillivray, Toby Fitzgibbons, Ruth Janssen, Jori Kerremans, Naomi Murray, Rocco Vermijs, Solene Weinachter, Natalie Trewinnard, Joan Clevillé, Anna Kaszuba and Matthew Robinson.

[ Company Website ]
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Verve 10

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

We have been featuring Verve, the graduate dance company out of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, for four years now and Verve 10 is here for 2010 with 5 new works and 11 new dancers.

Just in-case you don't know what a graduate company is or does then allow us to explain. Before going out into the wide world of dance the major dance schools thought it would be a good idea to give graduates a good idea what to expect in the professional world. So each of the major schools has their own graduate company.

The only major difference between Verve and a full on professional company is the dancers don't get paid, so when you think about it it's not really that different from the professional world (little bit of politics, keep it up! Ed!)

This year the company have brought in Michael Schumacher (no, not that one the other one), Luis Lara Malvacías, David Zambrano, Laïla Diallo and Kathinka Walter, an eclectic mix, that much is certain.

As ever the dancers are superb and the dance making is varied and challenging. For this feature we bring you an interview with two of the company's dancers, Elisabeth Connor and Lucy Starkey which includes material from the complete rep (video 1). We also have a single feature on 'Draw Your Mind' by Venezuelan dance maker David Zambrano (video 2)

During the tour the company will perform 3-4 of the works for each show so make sure you check beforehand because the choreography you really want to see might not be on.

The next show is on March 13th at Builth Wells, Wyeside Arts Centre touring throughout the year. Check the NSCD website for details.

Verve 10 is perfromed by Robert Goodby, David Michel, Elina Karimaa, Elisabeth Connor, Letty Mitchell, Lucy Starkey, Kassie Starkey, Gemma Riley, Janice Keith, Joelle Greene and Natalie Duffield Moore.

[ NSCD Website ]
[ Verve 09 ]
[ Verve 08 ]
[ Verve 07 ]

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Motionhouse 'Scattered'

Monday, 15 February, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

What can we say about Motionhouse Dance Theatre that hasn't already been written? Well, probably quite a lot since our book 'Motionhouse The Untold Story, Living The Dream with Very Little Cash' couldn't find a publisher.

Having previously toured the country with works involving scaffolding ('Volatile'), mountains of sand ('Perfect'), too many objects for words ('Driven') and huge diggers ('Road to the Beach') the company have decided to make things easy for themselves this time out by touring with a giant half pipe ramp made out of fibre glass!

'Scattered' is all about water which thankfully remains mostly virtual and there are no silly 'Flashdance' moments to be seen.

The aforementioned ramp also acts as a projection screen for numerous motion graphics all with a water theme. When all goes well (which is 99% of the time) the dancers interact with said graphics to good effect.

Motionhouse say this much of 'Scattered';

"Scattered combines Motionhouse's trademark highly physical dance theatre and mesmerizing aerial imagery with film and graphics, to create a unique visual performance event. Performed on a huge curved floor (think of a half pipe), which disappears skywards upstage, Scattered uses projection technology to create a world in which the dancers move in, on and through the image.

Scattered delves into the majesty and savagery of water, a fundamental force in our lives as seven dancers plunge into an ocean, tumble down a waterfall, gasp with thirst under a scorching sun and slide on an avalanche to a frozen landscape of arctic beauty.

In Scattered Motionhouse are creating a startling interaction between film and live performance, where dancers glide in the air or rapidly move around the space using aerial silks and harnesses."

The work continues touring throughout the year alongside its smaller, more portable, little brother entitled 'Underground'. Check the company's website for touring information.

'Scattered' is performed by Junior Cunningham, Phillip Stummer, Claire Benson, Olivia Quayle, Alistair Stewart, Laura Peña Nuñez and Giorgio de Carolis with music by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson.

[ Motionhouse Website ]
[ 'Scattered preview on Article19 ]

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Open Heart 'God's Garden'

Tuesday, 9 February, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

When last we featured the work of Arthur Pita it was wrapped in the cloak that was Bare Bones Dance Company with the '5 Man Show'. This time out Mr Pita has cut loose with a full evenings work entitled 'God's Garden'.

Based on the biblical parable 'The Prodigal Son' (or the 'Lost Son') this work brings that story into a more modern era with a few twists, some live music, comedy and a light seasoning of Portuguese heritage (Arthur Pita is Portuguese).

The man himself explains the proceeding far better than we can in our interview with him (video 1) and you can catch a nice slice of the work itself in Video 2, just get clicking above.

In terms of press speak we have this much;

"Arthur Pita's new full-length work, God's Garden (based on the parable of The Prodigal Son) brings to life the intensity and drama of rustic village life through dance theatre, live fado music, design by designer Jean-Marc Puissant and a cast whose ages range from 26 to 82!

Set high on a hill looking over the sea lies the magnificent village of Porto Moniz, Madeira. The golden boy of the Costa family flees on his wedding day, jilting his faithful bride in order to sow his wild oats. However, when the prodigal son returns, there is much for his family to celebrate....and though the jilted bride's tears water a hungry garden, a wronged woman must take her revenge!"

'God's Garden' is performed by Diana Payne-Myers, Jose Manuel Figueira, Lorena Randi, Nuno Silva and Valentina Golfieri with live music by Phil King.

The work takes to the stage next at the Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House in London on February 11-13 and continues touring throughout the year. Check the company's website for details.

[ Arthur Pita Website ]

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Tero Saarinen 'Blue Lady' [revisited]

Monday, 1 February, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

Something a little bit different here in the shape of Finnish dancer and choreographer Tero Saarinen with the re-staging of a work by Carolyn Carlson from the 1980's.

If you're a dance student and you shudder at the thought of performing a solo for a few minutes in front of your teachers or your class then spare a thought for Mr Saarinen who takes to the stage for no less than seventy minutes all on his own for this piece.

The work was originally a solo for a female dancer but in the spirit of experimentation Ms Carlson has handed the work to Mr Saarinen who runs his own company in Helsinki.

The company have this much to say about the work;

"Carolyn Carlson's legendary solo Blue Lady (1983), has touched thousands of spectators around the world with it's unforgettable images. It is a fascinating gallery of female portraits spanning the space of one life - a tribute to maternity and mysterious Venice.

Today the solo is being handed on to Tero Saarinen, the charismatic Finnish choreographer and dancer. Blue Lady [Revisited] offers precious, radiant moments that touch the soul and remain imprinted on the heart. The premiere of this version received standing ovations in Lyon last autumn."

Our feature includes an interview with Terro Saarinen as well as material from the work itself performed as part of the Coda Dance Festival in Oslo, Norway in October last year.

'Blue Lady' [revisited] is performed by Tero Saarinen with music by René Aubry. The work continues to tour throughout this year across Europe. Check the company's website for details.

[ Tero Saarinen Company ]
[ CCN ]

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Retina Dance Company 'Antipode'

Sunday, 31 January, 2010 | Comments | Make A Comment

Retina Dance Company return to Article19 for the third time with their new show 'Antipode' . The company is also celebrating their 15th anniversary this year which is a really long time in this business that we call show (who calls it that? Ed!)

'Antipode' itself is performed by 5 male dancers and explores the themes of "polar opposites" which is, in fact, what the word antipode actually means! This work also comes with live music composed and performed by Joris Vanvinckenroye who plays a mean double bass.

The company have this much to say about the work;

"Antipode takes its initiation from innate polar opposites in and around the human body. As human beings we are constantly being challenged by opposition, even verticality commits us to engage with gravity, significance, magnitude and energy. How do we counteract the force of gravity and how do we survive in a world of other people and objects, in an unmistakable web and game of opposites?

The five individuals share the same stage but are on their own journey, with no shared goals and no fear, challenging their own physicality. They collide, caress, fight, play and reject as they stampede along their own pathway. Quirky solos interrupt feisty duets and athletic group work."

Included in our feature is an interview with Belgian dance maker and company AD Filip Van Huffel where we cover such topics as being Belgian, working with live music and why we, here in TheLab™ were not invited to the 15th anniversary party! (you had better not have asked him that! Ed!)

'Antipode' is performed by Robert Guy, Steven Martin, Matthew Slater and Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem with music by Joris Vanvinckenroye.

The work continues touring throughout this year so check the company's web site for further details.

[ Retina Website ]
[ Eleven Stories for the Body on Article19 ]
[ This is Not a Body on Article19 ]

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Cristina Caprioli/ccap 'Cicadaremix'

Monday, 28 December, 2009 | Comments | Make A Comment

Article19's second feature from the October dance festival that was Coda in Norway features dance maker Cristina Caprioli and company (ccap) with 'Cicadaremix', a word that is surprisingly difficult to remember how to spell!

The Swedish dance company (a first on Article19) brings us a deliberate and relentless display of neo-classical shenanigans. Mixing together contemporary and classical dancers, a dangerous business at the best of times, with some off the wall music for 55 minutes of pure dance.

No plot, no story and no set. Just movement, music and top notch dancers, that's the way we like it here in TheLab™

The company has this much to say about their work

" green dresses and grey out-fits, dancers in line, dancers across. dancing straight forward and in between, by2, by3, by4. glitch, loops and edges, modulation of tone, dissonance, ruffles, and virtuosity. point-work thrills and bare-footed groove, cicadaremix brings classical ballet dancers together with ccap's contemporary dancers in a jointed stylistic extravagance."

'Cicadaremix' is performed by Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Katarina Eriksson, Annika Hyvärinen, Johanna Klint, Rafael Sady, Eytan Sivak and Kristine Slettevold with music by Alva Noto, Kevin Volans and Pixel.

The company are still plotting their next moves (pun very much intended) for 2010 but you can follow their tour plans via the company website which is in English just in-case your Swedish is not quite up to speed!

[ Company Website ]

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