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Last Updated: Tuesday 25th March, 2008

Article19 offers a number of ways to advertise on this website from full on sponsorship to monthly advertising buys on particular sections of the site. Different parts of the website cost different amounts to advertise on because they are more visible to our readers or more visible for longer periods of time, like our video pages.

Obviously those readers are interested in the arts and dance in particular so we can assume they are smarter than the average bear and have an interest in things associated with dance, the arts, physical activity, music and more besides. Exact reader demographics are impossible to determine and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

If you want to run an advert for something on Article19 then just get in touch and we'll send you our latest Ad-Rates PDF and readership statistics. If you would rather speak to us on the phone then call us on +44(131) 208 1845 or use Skype: Article19CDO

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